Holy Holidays Batman… or the one where I just write

As a teacher I often find that there is a fine line between giving your all and burning yourself out. We often hear the following exchange:

Random person who doesn’t know us from a bar of soap: “It must be great being a teacher – all those holidays.”

Random person who thinks that teaching is easy: “I mean, you finish at three every day and get your weekends off.”

And I can add at least another one hundred similar sayings to this list. And I know that there are some teachers out there who will go home straight after school – but you find similar people in all lines of work. Those who are just ticking boxes. Doing the bare minimum to get by.

Personally, I don’t know any of those teachers. The people I associate with work bloody hard and, like myself, work over the breaks. Not every day, of course, but it is interesting that the public perception of a teacher is not always the most positive. The idea that I do nothing over my breaks amuses me, not because I truly care what other people think, but because doing nothing is something that I’ve never been that good at. I like to keep busy and, if I don’t have six things on the go I feel incredibly lazy. It’s technically the second day of the Easter break and I’ve already done some marking, emailing, I’ve caught up on some reading, gone for two walks, started cleaning my lawns (which sadly get neglected during term time…) caught up with some friends and my family and some other things.

Now I’m writing a blog post, because I want to make this a regular thing. And because this blog can hold me accountable to how I reflect on the term gone by. Plus, it reminds me that one of my passions is writing – and even if it’s something like this.

So, my plans for this holiday:

  • Marking/planning/preparing for next term.
  • Catching up on my reading
  • Gaming – might have to replay The Last of Us
  • Writing
  • Arting (I know this isn’t a word but I like the sound of it…)
  • Making sure I look after myself.

As much as people may complain about all the holidays that teachers have I would argue that not only do we need it – the students need it. We bombard them with information and they do the same with us and having this break gives us all the chance to reflect on how well we have done and what we need to work on. Life is a work in progress and, as a teacher, I live by that saying – I am a work in progress…

So, to all my fellow teachers, enjoy your break. Refresh and revive yourselves because you are all doing amazing things and deserve to recharge yourself so you can be the best you for your students.

Enough of the cheese. This is just a short post because I have other things to do.

Peace and Pancakes


P.S. Let me know what you like to get up to on your holidays. If you are reading any good books leave a comment and I will add them to my list.

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