Currently…or fave five or…the list?

What’s in a name? Obviously a lot so I’m trying to think of what to call this segment of updates. The amazing people at Geek Bomb have PWR (Playing, Watching Reading.)

Anyway, any ideas let me know.

Currently Watching: The 100 I am part way through season 2 and I know what’s coming up in the next episode and I don’t want to watch it because I am already sad. It’s a brilliant show with characters that are actually complex and constantly changing, which is realistic. (Well, not the dystopian society though I’ve never lived in a dystopian society…that I’m aware of.)

Currently Reading: Still reading The Chimes but also reading a series of articles and papers on teaching…

Currently Listening to: When I’m not listening to Hamilton The Musical on repeat I’m listening to quite a bit of 70s and 80s rock and glam rock.

Currently Playing: I have an unhealthy obsession with Plants vs Zombies 2. I play it every morning on my iPad. The puns for the plants amuse me greatly. Sometimes they amuse me far to much.

This week has been a super busy one, which is good. I’m still planning to put up a post on Monday as well – which is easy this week as it’s a public holiday. It’s great to be back at school but I need to really remind myself to focus on those goals I set on my last post.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend.


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