Things I am not good at…

…regular blogging. I get all excited and then I forget things and then this happens… Then again, I’m not that good at being regular… well that could be TMI.

In order to motivate myself to write more and take more time for me I actually paid for a domain name and everything…now that I’ve actually invested money in blogging maybe I’ll actually do something with it. I mean, I have been blogging on and off for the last fifteen plus years so I may as well try to make it more official. Or at least make myself feel a little bit guilty about putting money into something and then leaving it to collect dust.

The next thing is to figure out what I really want to do with this blog. If you click on the about page you’ll see that I’ve made a separate blog for my teaching. Partially because I want something else that I can write about than just teaching. I mean, I love teaching but I am more than just a teacher. I need a proper outlet for my geeky endeavours, right?

So, I am toying around with a few ideas. Some along the lines of more reviews – films, novels, shows etc.

I want to have more of my Five Things lists as well.

If there are any other things that you would like me to write about let me know.

In the meantime you’ll notice that the layout will be changing over the next few weeks while I figure out how I want my blog to look. I’m just fussy – I’ve already spent most of this afternoon fart assing around with the layout and I’m still not happy.

To tide you over here is a quick list of my current obsessions…

Reading: I just finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood – it was both good and frustrating. I often get emotionally involved in books and reading this one made me increasingly angry. If I could have reached through and slapped someone I would have. It is set in a near future America now named Gilead and follows Offred, a Handmaid who has one purpose – to get pregnant. A television series has been made and I can’t wait to watch it.

Listening: I’m still obsessed with Hamilton: The Musical I can listen to it on repeat. Listen to it here. (I’ve memorised and can perform Angelica’s rap from “Satisfied” …)

Watching: I’ve just started watching The Expanse and I’m really enjoying it. It’s dark and gritty. A cross between Battlestar Galactica and Firefly. (Minus the humour). I watched four episodes last night… It follows humans from Earth, Mars and the Belt as they try to stop a war breaking out. It’s dark and gritty and I truly recommend it. expanse-key-art-banner


PlayingFallout 4. I love and hate this game. I’ve been playing it on and off for the last few months and I’m only Level 41. I have just got into the Institute and now I’ve got to decide who I’m going to support – The Minutemen or the Institute – I’m leaning toward the Minutemen. I’ve logged some hours in this game, for sure.


Doing: Writing when I can and attempting some typography. I’m enjoying the typography but it isn’t helping with my pen obsession…

Until next time,

Peace and Pancakes.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. veggiewhatnow says:

    Happy to see you back! Probably won’t see the changes for a while, since I’m still stuck in hospital. I sure could use some decent pancakes, though! Yum! 😄


    1. jaimelcoffey says:

      I wish I could send some to you. How much longer are you in the hospital? And I’m sending as many positive vibes your way for a quick recovery!


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