Currently as an update…

What am I currently doing?

Everything and nothing. Do you ever get to that stage where you just are stalled because you’re not sure what you really want to do. You have ideas, mood boards, lists, and a gigantic map that highlights your next steps but you’ve kind of stalled and have pulled over while you try to figure it all out.

I’m stalled.

So, while I try to figure out my steps I will update you with my currently list.

Reading: I just started Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. I’m barely started but already I am loving the satire. It has been described as the female version of Lord of the Flies and, it may well be, but I am loving the commentary that it provides. Imagine a plane full of wannabe beauty queens crash landing on a “deserted” island… and that’s all I’m going to leave you with.

Playing: Wordscapes and Fallout 4. The first one is just a free game on the app store where you get a circle of letters and you have to make words out of the letters and they fit into the crossword type puzzle at the top. And Fallout 4 currently has been going round in circles. I just sided with the Railroad for the time being before I plan to fully side with the Minutemen… well, I think that’s my plan. I died six times in a row last night trying to take out a Courser.

Watching: I’ve finally gotten around to watching Teen Wolf. So that has been playing in the background while I try to write. I’ve also just introduced my nieces to Stranger Things which has been fun. (If you haven’t watched it yet please get on top of it…)

Listening: I watched Matilda the Musical recently and have been listening to that soundtrack on repeat. Not gonna lie – loved “When I Grow Up” and “Revolting Children.”

Doing: Trying to figure out how to get my car back on the road… metaphorically…

So there we go. A quick update and hopefully some clarity will come eventually.

Peace and pancakes.


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