The One Where I Try to Be Productive

It’s the school holidays – the summer break – which means I have nearly a whole six weeks to do so many things. Of course, one of my main priorities is relaxing and taking some time for myself as teaching is rather draining. But, as my friends have reminded me time and time again – I’m not good at relaxing. Call me an active relaxer. Why am I this way? Who knows – it could be due to my anxiety which is tied in with my A type personality which is tied with the desire to be productive. It’s a knot of Gordian proportions. 

So, I’m trying to manage my anxiety and desire to not be seen as lazy through bullet journaling. If you don’t know what bullet journaling is I’m going to warn you that it may be addictive and, possibly, a little expensive. Basically, it’s a creative way to journal and plan. Most people tend to use a dotted grid book or grid book and add in a range of different pens, highlighters, and washi tape. I have two bujo’s (bullet journals). One is for school and it is just a way for me to keep a running record of day to day teaching. I have to do lists, class spreads and more. 

My personal one is a little more fun and creative. 

Today’s spread

As you can see, it also helps me see a visual representation of what I’ve actually accomplished today. I can even add “write blog post” to my done list after I’ve finished this post. 

The journal I’m using at the moment is a Whitelines book that I got from my local Warehouse Stationery. I also have a range of pens (partially because I’m addicted to stationery). I’m loving the Stabilo pastel highlighters at the moment. 

My Whitelines bujo with Stabilo highlighters and various pens.

The great thing about bullet journaling is that there is no right way to do it. It’s all about what works best for you. All you need to do is type in bujo into pinterest and you’ll find so many different spreads and layouts. It may seem overwhelming but I find it fun and it forces me to slow down a little. (And use my art supplies of which I have many.)

One of my focuses for the remainder of this year is self care. I’ve felt more than a little unhappy with myself over the last year. I could make excuses but the truth is my mindset has been focused on family and other things. I know that self care seems like a little bit of a buzzword/phrase but it is important to make time for yourself and do things that you enjoy doing. 

Another key thing that I do around this time every year is try and catch up on my reading list. My Goodreads challenge this year was to read 35 books and I realised, quite recently, that I wasn’t going to be able to meet that goal so changed it to 32. That means I have a couple of weeks to read three books – which I am positive I can do – if I work on the above point! 

I also want to learn a new skill. I’m not sure what I want that skill to be but I want to challenge myself more as a way to move out of my comfort zone. Small steps, I know. 

All in all – I use bullet journaling to help me focus and be productive. It helps me track what I’m doing and, as I get better at journaling, I know it will help my anxiety somewhat. 

Now I’m going to move onto my next task – reading for an hour. 

Dear readers, I hope you’re having a lovely day. And, if not, I hope it gets better. 

Peace and pancakes, 


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