Summer Bucket List

It is finally the summer holidays. School finished for me two days ago.

This means that Christmas is just around the corner. The beaches and lakes are ready and teachers are taking their first proper breaths since term three.

It also means that I suddenly have weird amounts of time on my hands which is never a good thing. My active relaxing means that I need to be doing something.

First up – recover from a horrible cold I had over the last few days. It was actually horrible. I slept so much and it wasn’t the fun, restorative sleep. No, it was a fever induced, sweat nightmare.

I’m feeling well enough that I attended dance class last night. (Still going!) But also, probably should have taken it a little easier. Combinations were not working for me last night. Getting my piques all confuddled. (Turns out its pique – not PKs like the chewing gum! I’m learning.)

Then, this morning I decided I needed to make a summer bucket list. Because reasons. So I opened a pinterest tab, made myself a large cup of coffee, and brought out the fancy pens!

And here is the result:

If I counted properly there are 80 options.

I also asked for ideas on Instagram. One of my favourite responses was to swim in six different bodies of water – which sounds truly delightful and a challenge I am so ready for…once I find my togs. (Swimsuit for those non-Kiwis.)

I’m already hitting some of the list but the beauty of this is that I can do each of these more than once.

Feel free to copy this and share what you’ve managed to do.

And let me know if there are any other things you think I should be doing. More challenges are always welcome.

Happy holidays,

x Jaime

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