I Created A Bookstagram…

I am a reader. I’ve always been a reader. Yet, since I have become a teacher I feel that I haven’t been reading for pleasure as much as I used to. Sure, I read heaps of essays and educational related material but I don’t always read simply for the joy of finding new friends in their own adventures.

For the last few years I have set myself a goal on Goodreads.com. Last year I read 35 books and this year I have set myself the goal for 50. (Secretly, I am hoping that I will read more than this…) And I’m excited to see how many books I manage to get through.

Anyway, this goal is why I decided to give myself more work – my bookstagram account that I just set up before writing this blog.


I have already read two books this year. (Well, one book and one short story which was nine chapters so maybe a novella?) And, as you can see, I am already onto my third, which I am hoping to finish very shortly.

Also, I have restricted my book buying until I finish all the books that I have bought in the last year or two and haven’t read yet.

Just some of the books I have purchased or been given in the last couple of years.

Though I have started to use my local library a lot more as well, so I am finding ways around my no book spending.

The point of my bookstagram is to keep myself accountable for the books that I am reading as well as to document what I’ve read this year and beyond.

Also, I hope it encourages my students to read more as well. I noticed last year that my students were interested to see and hear about what I was reading and I think I can use this as a way to suggest reads as well.

Overall, it’s just a way for me to have more fun with what I’m reading.

So, if you have any book suggestions or recommendations let me know. I am always looking to broaden my reading list. Everything is welcome.

Oh – also, Happy New Year. 🙂


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