And just like that – it’s summer again

I struggled a lot this year. Both mentally and physically. I feel like this was one of my hardest years ever but I hope I also have some stories that come out of this to remind me of what I can do.

The year started off with a tsunami warning and we had to evacuate the school and walk up to higher ground. We were up there for most of the day waiting for the alert to end.

I turned 39 – and have very strange feelings about this.

I auditioned for a musical comedy and – to my surprise – got in.

Then, although we had managed to contain Covid relatively well it made it’s dramatic reappearance in August causing us to go into lockdown 2.0.

But the show must go on and we did rehearsals via zoom until we were able to meet in person. And I’ll tell you what – it was so strange seeing into other people’s living rooms. (Considering most of my school googlemeets the students either had cameras off or had wallpapers. Or had their cameras facing the ceiling. )

At the same time I won a Teacher of the Year Award – which struck me as strange as I did not feel like I was on top of my game this year. But it was a lovely boost.

I called this my Wesley from “The Princess Bride” look.

The show, Mystery on the Orient Express, was a comedy traipse through the 1920s where anything goes…or went. I had to learn lines, (thankfully only a handful especially since I was so far out of my comfort zone I couldn’t even see it…), dances, lyrics, and more. The show sold out as well.

I was lucky to be surrounded by an amazing cast and crew. The director managed to work miracles (in my humble opinion) and we had an amazing run.

The only bad thing is that I still can’t get the lyrics from some of the songs out of my head.

And, I did NaNoWriMo again – I wrote 50,000 words in November.

But more importantly, I did a huge thing in December – I got a puppy!

Meet Barney (Barnabas Fish). Currently 11 weeks old. 10kgs. Yellow Labrador who thinks he’s always going to be a lap dog.

I have the summer off to work on training and bonding with this little fella. I say little but he’s already 10kgs. He’s napping while I type this – apparently puppies need up to 18-20 hours of sleep. Although I grew up with dogs this is the first time I’ve had a puppy of my own and I’m not going to lie – the puppy blues are a real thing. I’ve only had him barely a week and a half and he is super adorable. But, he is also a lot of work. A huge commitment. He knows sit and lie down. Come is taking some time and learning his name is hit or miss at times (although I think he has selective hearing.) I have been getting up a couple of times a night to get him to go toilet and we’ve only had a couple of accidents.

I think turning 39 has made me think about what I want from life. And the scary thing is I don’t really know. So, for now, I’m trying to figure that out while trying to try 40 new things before I turn 40. I’m sure getting and training a puppy counts for two things right?

If you’ve got any ideas please feel free to let me know.

Peace and pancakes.

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