A PUPdate and more

The big cheese

It’s March and a lot has happened in little Old Aotearoa New Zealand. For the last two years we had managed Covid 19 really well but with omicron it was almost too much to try and control so now it is here and we’re all tired and trying to figure out how to carry on in the “new normal.” I know, however, that this is not what you wanted to read about. You want to know how things are going with the Barnster.

Barney (aka Barnster, Barnacle, Barnes and Noble and a host of other names) is doing well. He is a hefty 18kgs and loves sticks, food, balls, food, the beach, and food. Did I mention food?

The puppy blues have mostly faded and I have the occasional moment where I worry that I’m not a good dog parent but I’m swiftly reminded that he is doing great and he’s more than a little spoilt.

Now that he is fully vaccinated we’ve been going on adventures around town. I’m lucky that I live close to a park and the beach. I’ve even started some off leash training with him. He’s just over five months and will be heading into his teenage phase very shortly.

Ōhope Beach

He has been a great source of stress relief as we navigate school this year. Mask wearing can be tiring and I have to remember to drink more water to stay hydrated. Not an easy thing to do while trying to encourage students to do well even when half the class is learning from home.

We’ve moved into Autumn but that doesn’t change much around here to begin with. Still having hot days and warm nights.

Some interesting news is that I might be able to make it to San Diego Comic Con this year – which will be a nice present to myself for my 40th birthday. I can’t believe that I am turning 40 this year. I look back over what I have done in my life and there are a lot os stories. Some that I am never going to repeat!

I had an interesting conversation with some students the other day and they asked if I was married or had children. I’m almost an open book with my students and I said I was happily single and did not have any biological children.

When one of the students asked if I was lonely I thought about it and replied with not really. I feel lonely at times but then I look at everyone in my life and I am content. That’s not to say is the right person came along I wouldn’t let them join in my contentedness.

Gary – pre Barney arriving and turning his word upside down.

Another student turned around and said – “Ms doesn’t need children – we are her children.” Not gonna lie, that made me smile. I agreed with the student and told the class that I have been teaching for a few years now so, in a way, have had many children. I also added that it’s easier this way cause I kick them out of class after the lesson is done.

I don’t know where this post is going – there was really no plan. I just decided to sit down and write while Barney has a nap somewhere.

I guess I’m still trying to figure out what I want from life. At the moment I am content though stressed. Thank goodness for coffee, chocolate, books and video games. (Oh plus the boys – Gary the Cat and Barney.) And my friends and family. They are pretty special.

Anyway, I guess this is all for now. Though, I am still thinking of new experiences as I near 40. Let me know some things I should attempt or try.

Stay safe, stay well and, as always, peace and pancakes.


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