Be Kind – It's a Confusing Time

Note: I am not an expert nor a professional. I have linked to some places that might help you sift through some of the information that is being spread around. Also, most of these sites will be New Zealand focused as that where I live.

I, like so many other people at this time, am feeling overwhelmed with everything that is happening in our world at the moment. Every few seconds I find myself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook in an attempt to figure out what is going on and it is starting to make me feel more anxious than usual. Covid 19 has started to become a scary term creeping closer and closer.


The “B” word… (busy)

Last year I realised (and was told several times) that I was always busy. Every time someone asked how I was going I was quick to respond with busy – but I realised that busy, for me, was synonymous with stressed. I found that was I was doing a lot stuff that was really not productive. Instead, it was box ticking in order to prove that I was valuable and “doing my part” or whatever that is supposed to mean. Basically, I was getting stuff done but it wasn’t the important stuff. The stuff that I wanted to get done versus the stuff I needed to do.


Small Changes Mini Goals

Change is scary. No matter how much I pretend that change is easy it really isn’t. There is a a heavy aspect of fear that hovers around change. Most of this fear revolves around how others view you and how you think you are viewed by others. It’s complicated. But change is important for many reasons.

After reading Elsie Larsen’s post How I Changed My Life on A Beautiful Mess I decided to start following a similar plan, though I’m not as organised yet. Maybe that’s my next step.