Of Tattoos and things…

You know how I talked about crossing things off your bucket list last post? Well, I crossed another thing off. I got a new tattoo. Yep, it’s an origami stegosaur with a splash of water colour. I now have three tattoos and this is the most visible one. I love it but it is also […]

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Giving Students Choices

At school we are working on Teaching as Inquiry with each teacher looking at their teaching and choosing an area to focus on.   TKI Teaching As Inquiry (Where I sourced the above image and more information) The basic idea is that we identify the outcomes we want for our students and then we look at […]

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Five Thoughts – A Quick Post

Thought One – Teaching is emotionally draining. When I started teaching I didn’t realise how emotionally exhausted I would feel after everyday. So many things occur in a classroom and the act of being a teacher it very tricky. Plus, today was a rough day so I need to reflect on it. Thought Two – […]

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