And just like that…it’s March

I love autumn. There is just something about the changing colours that brings me joy. It also helps that it’s not boiling hot and I am able to walk around and not sweat the minute I walk out in the morning. I’m all for that sweater weather – the autumn aesthetic. Not to mention coffee, crisp mornings, long nights.

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An Expensive Week and NaNo Talk

It’s been an expensive week for me. My laptop, which had survived many overseas trips, adventures and stories, finally decided to give up. After three hours of me trying to restart it and getting nothing but a flashing icon I knew that I had to shell out for a new computer. So I am typing this from my (refurbished) new MacBook Pro. I almost went back to Windows but, for what I wanted, the prices were very similar. My new laptop arrived on Thursday and, although I hate parting with money, it has been well spent.



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