Things I Learned Yesterday…

I have a bucket list. In fact, I have several bucket lists scattered around on bits of papers and in half written journals. Doesn’t everyone?

For the longest time my bucket list was pretty average. Go travelling, write a novel (I’m working on it) learn how to do a handstand (still working on that one as well) and fall in love (how freaking cliched…right? ahem … right? Still haven’t fallen in love so…). From all accounts it looked like my bucket list was just a random list of ideas…but, this weekend, I knocked something off my bucket list.

I did an adventure race.


31 Days of Horror, Bullet Journaling and Stuff

Admittedly 2016 has not been a good year for me. There have been highlights – most notably San Diego Comic Con – which was so awesome. There are words but none of them are intelligible at this present moment.

But, generally, 2016 has been a ‘suckfest’ in numerous senses. I guess the gallbladder thing takes the cake and I’m still dealing with all that. You’d be surprised at what foods seem to hate me at present. (For those of you who can eat anything after your surgery I’m actually glad and happy for you. Unfortunately, some food goes through me faster than … well I’ll let you finish that off.) It’s been 17 weeks since the surgery and I’ve done a lot of traveling and teaching and thinking. Maybe a little too much in the way of thinking but that’s me.

Anyway, it’s October (seriously, where the hell did the year go) and now it’s heading into Spring (which soon means summer holidays but who’s counting anyway?)


My gallbladder tried to kill me…

I have the best excuse for not updating…

Previously I wrote about my hospital stay here. This was back in April and I was popped on the waiting list for an elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy which was supposed to be done in May …

Fast forward to the end of May where I found myself back in hospital. The doctor who would have done my surgery was going to be away but said that the surgery would definitely be a go for the 9th of June. So, I was in hospital until the Saturday and then I was off until the surgery.


The One Where I Attempt to Justify My Absence…

::*::Dusts off the blog::*::

I do have the best intentions of keeping regular posts on this blog but have found myself rather busy over the last few weeks. This is actually a terrible excuse because I should take the time to blog regularly for many reasons. One of which is that it is a great way to reflect on what I have been doing with my time and to share my thoughts on teaching.

Teaching is not as easy as people would like to pretend it is. There is a lot of paperwork…often more paperwork than there is actual teaching. And, as those in the profession know, there never appears to be enough time to do everything that needs to be done.

Anyway – as a quick update – Three weeks of term have passed and everything seems to be going as smoothly as it can. The Year 12 class that I have taken over is doing well. They are settled and seem to be adapting to my quirky nature. Thankfully I have taught some of them in previous years so they know my quirks. Our look into the world of Vietnam is going well and they have taken to the novel quite well.

My Year 11s are getting through Catcher in the Rye though they are struggling with the fact that “not a lot happens” in the novel. Plus, they really just want Holden’s hat to just be a hat.

Year 13 – Finished their first internal and have moved onto their second. I keep trying to get them to think outside the triangle and look at the world critically so I will keep you updated on that.

Year 10 – this is a lovely class. We are doing an Independent Novel Study and they have taken to it. Some are reading The Help, one is reading Silence of the Lambs and another is reading Carrie. So I am definitely going to have some interesting essays.

Finally, my Year 9s. This is my very mixed class with some kids on various spectrums. Our look at conflict has been popped on hold for the time being as I start teaching them about essay writing. I am teaching them TEXAS.

Topic Sentence





(For those who hadn’t heard of it before.) So far it’s going slowly but I always say good things take time.

This week, however, I will be away for two days as I get to join my HoD and another teacher from the English department on a field trip to Auckland for the Reader Writer Festival.

That is all for my update today. I will endeavour another update after I get back from the Field Trip.