Adventures in …

It’s that time of the year again. San Diego Comic Con.

Well, it’s nearly that time but I am back in California, hanging with my Uncle and family over here. This also means that I’ve been drinking far too many ice cold caffeinated beverages and trying to relax but also trying to stimulate my brain in a creative sense.

Recently I splashed out and bought an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil after a colleague purchased one as I saw some of the creative things she was doing with hers and it spurred me to indulge myself. And, if I’m honest, it has been one of my best purchases in a while. I’m currently typing out my post on it and, I’m impressed with the developments from my old iPad 2.

I even started drawing again. I mean it’s just a little bit of sketching but it’s a start. The apps that I’ve been using are Procreate and Good Notes.

All in all I am very happy with the purchase and it’s been invaluable while travelling. It’s just a lot easier that lugging a laptop around.

But let’s get back to the main focus. I’m in California for Comic Con and the excitement is building. Partially for all the cool things I’m going to see but also for the company. I’ve made some amazing friends in my travels and it just makes the event even more fun.

The schedule is up and, as per usual, I’m overwhelmed with all the exciting things that are going to be happening. There are always some panels that I’m just not going to make it to because I’m in other ones. It’s all about choosing what you really want to go to.

Prior to going to San Diego I go to Bakersfield and hang out with my family over here and I was lucky enough to go to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum in LA.

There were so many dinosaurs.And a moose…my students will understand that… And all the science stuff. I was super jet lagged in the above photo. I don’t even know how I was even awake. 😊

Anyway, there are some photos from my first day in LA.

I will be updating again, especially with regard to Comic Con.

So here are my questions to you, dear readers, are there any panels that are must sees at Comic Con? What comics should I start reading? What food places are a must in San Diego?

Peace and pancakes,


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