Be Kind – It's a Confusing Time

Note: I am not an expert nor a professional. I have linked to some places that might help you sift through some of the information that is being spread around. Also, most of these sites will be New Zealand focused as that where I live.

I, like so many other people at this time, am feeling overwhelmed with everything that is happening in our world at the moment. Every few seconds I find myself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook in an attempt to figure out what is going on and it is starting to make me feel more anxious than usual. Covid 19 has started to become a scary term creeping closer and closer.

There is an overload of information that makes it difficult for many to fully understand what is happening and what we should be doing. Being a teacher is an added stress as I try to manage my own anxiety while trying to make sure my students feel safe and respected. Our ākonga are struggling with this in ways that we, as adults might not fully understand. So, we need to be careful with what we spread and what we say. We cannot give up on being kind. These events always offer us a chance to show the best in humanity or the worst. I want to choose the kindness part.

My naivety wants to always focus on the good that is happening – which is hard when the information we are getting is often scary. And did I mention that it’s overwhelming. I don’t know about you but I am overwhelmed.

Because I am not an expert I thought I would share some links to some great sources of information.

For relevant information I recommend the World Health Organisation. They have a whole lot of factual information, advice, and a list of scams going around.

The New Zealand site The Spinoff also has up to date articles and advice.

New Zealand has also set up a website: Unite Against Covid 19

It’s so easy to fall prey to conspiracy theories, fear, rumours, and shared Facebook posts that cannot be traced back to a valid source. It is this reason that we need to be critical of the advice that we share and spread unless you happen to be a medical professional. So, please do not share information unless it has valid sources – always be critical of posts and, yes, that includes this post. The last thing we need is more false narratives making its way around the internet.

Ultimately, the purpose of this post is to remind you (and me) that although the world is scary we can still find strength, kindness, and humanity. Try not to give into fear – we are very lucky here in New Zealand that we haven’t succumb fully to panic buying. And this is a reminder that we do not need to panic buy. So, don’t horde toilet paper, please.

What we do need to do is follow the advice we are given to the best of our ability. Look out for those who are at risk. Respect and thank those people who have to keep on working in order to make sure we stay healthy. This is especially true of those in any area of the service industry.

Also, cut out the racist bs. It’s Covid 19 – not the “Chinese virus.” The Asian community needs our aroha and support at this time! We don’t need any xenophobia thank you very much!

So, remember, socially isolate if you need to and if you can. Wash your hands, cough into the crook of your elbow, and continue following proper hygiene.

Overall, don’t be an egg.

Stay safe.


P.S. Feel free to email me if you want some friendly correspondence if you are self isolating.

Also, I’m a high school English teacher so if you have questions or want advice I can give it my best shot.

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